Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What Gives Mysore Silk its Uniqueness

Mysore silk is synonymous with the silk produced in the geographical area of Mysore district, thus fabrics made out of these silks are called Mysore silk.

More specifically, it is 100% pure silk woven in Crepe-de-Chine or Georgette. In Crepe-de-Chine the 26/28 Denier untwisted raw silk yarn is used in the warp and 26/28 Denier 2 ply twisted yarn is used in the weft. In Georgette, 26/28 Denier 2 ply twisted yarn is used both in warp and weft.

Here in Both Georgette and Crepe-de-chine, twist plays a very important role. The twist per inch varies from 400 TPM to 3000 TPM depending upon the end use of yarn. After twisting, twist setting is done by keeping the twisted yarn in a vacuum chamber and then letting the steam for 15-45 minutes depending upon the twist inserted.

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