Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Thread Sizing

1. Metric Ticket Number system

eg if Nm 60/1 means 60m of it would weigh 1 gm.

of 120/2 means 120 m of it would weigh2 gms. In this case it would have a resultant count of 60 ( i.e. 60 gms) would weigh 1 m.

The metric ticket number of this thread based on a three fold equivalent is then three times that i.e.

Nm 80/2= Ticket Number 120
Nm 30/3 = Ticket Number 30 and so on..

2. Cotton Sewing threads are sized on the cotton ticket number system

eg. 3/60 Ne --> equivalent cT= 20--> Three fold equivalent = 60 ( Ticket Number)

3. Denier system--> Weight in gms of 9000 m of length

Thread Packages

1. Spool

a. Used for domestic sewing
b. Not suitable for delivering thread to high speed industrial machines.

2. Cops

a. Small cylinderical flangeless tubes onto which thread is cross bound for stability.
b. Lack of flanges facilitates regular offwinding from the top on sewing machines.
c. Their small diameter makes them less suited for the faster thread offtake of machines.

3. Cones

a. They contain 5000 m cross wound for stability and good offwinding performance.
b. They give troublefree thread delivery.
c. Ideal in situations where thread consumption is high.

4. Vicone- Contain any spillage

5. Large Package

a. Can hold in excess of 20000 m of spun or corespun thread

6. Container

cocoons: They are self supporting ie. centerless, thread packages.

1 comment:

n.s. said...

Hi priyank,
you have provided a valuable information on the sewing thread properties , i would like to share that hairiness and twist direction are two major quality parameters which must be considered in the selection of a thread.
Secondly , because the thread value is negligible as compared to the value of garment , so it should have much superior color fastness properties than the fabric , a poor thread can spoil a costly garment.
In case of denim, the garments pass through various mechanical , chemical and enzymatic finishing stages therefore a good thread must withstand all these processes effectively.
thanks for providing such a good information.

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