Sunday, 8 March 2009


Thread Finish

The final aspect of thread construction to be studied is that of surface finish.

The most important finish is lubrication.

The requirement of a lubricating finish applied to a sewing thread is that it should produce a regular level of friction, and that for synthetic threads in particular, it should provide protection from needle heat.

Without a controlled amount of lubrication applied to threads, unacceptable damage would be inflicted on them during the sewing process which would result in thread breaks during sewing and seam breakdown in wear.

A lubricant

- Must not clog the needle eye
- should not stain
- Must allow thread to unwind evenly from the package
- Must reduce friction with m/c surfaces but without creating too much slippage
- Must not react adversly to high temperature
- Must be inexpensive
- Easy to apply to the thread during manufacturing.

Other finishes

- Mildew or rot resistant finish
- Water resistant finish
- Soil Release
- Flammability finish

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