Saturday, 7 March 2009


Sewing Threads

Threads can be


Threads made from spun yarn have good sewing performance, good dimensional stability and good stitch locking properties in the seam due to their fibrous surface.


One filament of large size. It is harsh on machine and rather inflexible because the cross sectional shape never varies as it would with multifilaments.

Its cut ends are harsh on the wearer. It has virtually no seam grip and stitches tend to unravel easily.

Its good advantage is a translucency which reduces the need for shade matching.

Multifilament Form

Their fineness enables larger thread packages to be used, thus saving operator time changing them.


In this a continuous multifilament core is wrapped around a sheath of spun fiber, two or three of these yarns are then plied together.

The majority of these corespun threads consist of a polyester core and a cotton cover.

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