Wednesday, 17 October 2007

The Cutting of the Fabric

The objective of Cutting

The objective of cutting is to separate fabric parts as replicas of the pattern pieces in the marker. In achieving this objective, certain requirements must be fulfilled.

1. Precision of the Cut

The garments must be cut with as much precision as possible.

2. Clean Edges

The raw edges of the fabric should not show fraying or snagging. Such defects come from an imperfectly sharpened knife

3. Unscorched, unfused Edges

The built up of heat in the knife blade comes from the friction of the blade passing through the fabrics. Solutions to this problems lie in well sharpened blade, the use of antifusion paper, spraying the blade with silicon lubricant, slowing down the speed of the cutting blade and reducing the height of the lay.

4. Support of the Lay

The cutting system must provide not only to support the fabric but also to allow the blade to penetrate the lowest ply of a spread and sever all the fibres

5. Consistent Cutting

The cutting system must cut accurately irrespective of the height of the pile.

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