Thursday, 2 August 2007

Some Terminology

Voile : It is a doubled yarn, high twiested with count range >60's . It has an square and open construction. The fabric made from it is light weight, transparent crispy and granular feel. It can be either cotton or p/c. Its trade name is 2x2 Rubia. 72 epi and 72ppi

Cambric: It is a single yarn, rest properties are same as cambric.

Shiffon: Here weft is highly twisted polyester filament (tpm 1440) and textured and warp is P/C ratio is 67:33

Oxford Classical : Warp 2/40's , weft 2/30's

Oxford Pinpoint: Both warp and weft 2/80's, 144 ends/inch in grey and 60-62 ppi.

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