Wednesday, 29 August 2007

One pointers for Fibres

Silk: The Luxurious fibre
Wool: the warm fibre
Cotton: The economical fibre
Flax: The hygenic fibre: launders easily- hot water and soap don't harm- stronger wet than dry
Acetate: The beautiful fibre
Azlon: the soft blender
Glass: The non flammable fibre
metallic: The luxury look
Nylon: the strong fibre
Acrylic: warm, lightweight fibre
Modacrylic: Fleecy, furlike fibre
Polyester: The resilient fibre
Saran- V. resistant to hard wear and suited for auto seat covers also
Vinyon- The industrial Fibre
Olefin- The lightweight fibre
Spandax- The expendable fibre

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