Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Selling Points of Different fibres

Cotton - see the fabrics made from cotton here

  • Economical
  • Versatile
  • Easy to care
  • styled attractively
  • comfortable- absorbant
  • durable

More of them here


  • Versatile
  • sacrce
  • cool- vegetable fibre
  • easy to care fro and hygenic- does not spoil as easily as cotton
  • durable- fibres are stronger and longer than cotton


  • Attractive- can be made in sheer and dainty textures
  • finest
  • easy to drape- in graceful folds
  • warm- in proportion to weight
  • durable- strongest natural fibre in commercial use


  • Soft- short elastic wool fibres, slack twisted carded yarn, fuzzy or hairy surface
  • comfortable- the thermoelastic, elasticity of fabric, ease in tailoring
  • Attractive- soft cushionlike texture, deep rich colors, good draping quality


  • Firm- longer fibres, tighter twisted yarn, harder surface
  • durable- highly twisted, close weave, clear surface
  • easy to keep pressed because- highly twisted yarn, close weave, hard surface

Rayon and Acetate

  • Take dye well
  • dont change lustre during washing
  • dont yellow with age
  • resist light better than silk
  • do not mold or mildew/ sea water
  • look like natural fibres
  • as the fibres lack elasticity, garments may bulge or break at the point of strain
  • Acetate should be ironed with a warm iron- not hot
  • Acetate rayons are warmer than rayons


  • Elastic- v. good for knitting
  • nylon filaments- when dry are stronger than any other fibres ( twice as strong and 1/2 as heavy than aluminium wire of same size)
  • Nylon hosiery can be very sheer yet strong
  • dont mildew
  • can be dyed
  • dries quickly- v. good for hosiery bathing suits
  • wear and tear resistant
  • can be heat set.


  • Soft when made of spun
  • warm when 'high bulk yarn'
  • bulky but not heavy
  • comfortable
  • varied textures
  • good resistant to sunlight, soot, sm0ke, flames
  • easy to care for
  • good colorfulness


  • Warm and soft to touch
  • Non allergic- used for pillows and stuffing
  • Resilient- matting
  • non absorptive- doesnt weaken or flatten, used for coat collars or mittens
  • resistant to UV, fire, inorganic acids, bacteria, abrasion


  • very wrinkle resistant
  • resistant to dirt, stains and moisture
  • smoooth and crisp looking even in humid weather
  • easy to care for- drip dry/ no ironing
  • resistant to sun/ abrasion and moths
  • non allergic
  • light weight and strong

Vinyl Plastic

  • tough and strong- tennis raquet string
  • quick drying and easy to clean
  • resistant to moth, dirt, soil, grease and chemicals


  • resilient/ form fitting


  • luxurious appearance
  • resistance to sunlight/ abrasion chemicals
  • durable


  • Fireproof- theatre lobbies
  • Non absorptive
  • strong- limited stretch
  • resistant to microorganism or insect/ sunlight
  • water repellent


  • Elastic and enduring form fitting

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