Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fulia Weaving Cluster-2

The Next stop was Nutan Fulia, a government cooperative society. Despite being government, the range and variety of products and the efficiency in their operations, makes it unique it its own way.

Have a look at the beautiful pallu of this Sari above. The pallu is done in Shibori Technique ( the fabric is stitched in patterns then dyed and then the stitches open. Notice how the variability in terms of streaks come ( the black lines) which is a part of this unique process.

This society boasts of modern dye house with reactive and vat dyes. They have chambers but are not operational yet. 

For an artisan cluster, they have a water treatment plant also.

For saris they work with Tussar, Matka, Ghicha, Cotton and Silk. The usual denier for silk is degummed 20/22 and 100s count for cotton. Also use viscose rayon for ornamentation.

Below is the details of the zari used by them. It says per bundle 225 grams containing three reels. 

We had rains in the morning. The evening while coming back looked beautiful. These are pictures clicked from a Restaurant on our way to Kolkata.

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