Saturday, 7 June 2014

Fulia Cluster

We left for Fulia early in the morning. Passed through Barasat, a place I have heard earlier- and not only heard worked intensively in getting the AW-13 deliveries while I was in Pantaloons. Nice to pass the place with no tension of deliveries on my head. 

Fulia is in the district of Nadia. It is famous for its Tant Sari. Tant means handloom. However, it is specifically used for the cotton Jamdani including Tangail, for which the Bengal Handloom is known for. Have a look at this example

Have a special look at the blue "spot" this is a marka used by weavers to mark off the areas from where to start the butis and is an inherent characteristic of this product.

This clusters deals in Matka, Jamdani, Taant, Silk Viscose and Handpainted Garad or Tussar Saris. Handloom Saris are also woven with Jacquard attachment. Have a look at the above and the Jacquard attachment below. 

The sari is woven upside down with no selvedge control mechanism. Thus one can expect to get uneven selvedge. 

Have seen Yarns of 2/100s, 92s, and 100s DHCR ( Double Hank Cross Reel). Incidently Cross reel hank give better dyeing quality.

Vat Dyes are used. Also cold brand porcion colors are also used in this open dye bath. The skeins are left to dry in the sunlight after dyeing.

This Sari is found wound on the cloth roll, leaning against the wall, adding to the overall beauty of the place. 

An area in the house is marked as the yarn store. One can see the packets of dyed skein lying. 

This is the best part. A Maldah mango tree overseas the courtyard, around which all the loomsheds, dyeing storage and yarn unit is located. We also enjoyed a few fully ripen Maldah Mangos. Apart from that we were offered Lassi,Rosogulla and Chhana Jalebi - a completely new delicacy for me. 

A completely absorbing trip to this cluster. Will take you to my next venture in the incoming posts.

One can buy Tant Saris here

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