Saturday, 23 February 2013

How Garments are Dyed Commercially

The garments can be dyed by using pigment dyes. Previously it was condsidered that pigment dyes were non chemically reactive to any fiber. Hence padding or printing with a binder was used. However, now a cationic binder is exhausted onto a garment. This creates an affinity for the garment by the pigment. Then pigment dyestuff is added.
Once the pigment dyeing is completed, the garment is rinsed. Then a low temperature or air curable binder is applied to the garments to improve the colorfastness to rubbing.
The fastness to rubbing for these colors is satisfactory. However, the colors will washdown during the life of the garments. The higher the concentration of the color, the poor is the colorfastness to washing. However, they have excellent colorfastness to light.
Please see the complete process here.

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