Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Dyeing of Silk with Acid Dyes

This is as per a brochure from CSTRI ( Central Silk Board)


M:L- 1:30
Dye- X% on the weight of the material
Glauber Salt- 10% on the weight of the material.
Acetic Acid- 4-6% ( 40% strength)
Temperature: 85-90 deg C, pH-4-6, Time- 15 minutes


- Preparation of dye solution: Dissolve required dye powder in boiling water in a separate beaker/vessel.
- Set the dye bath with required quantity of water.
- Add Glauber Salt
- Add dye solution.
- Enter the presoaked material at 40 deg C. Work for 10 minutes.
- Take out the material.
- Add acetic acid and stir well.
- Enter the material.
- Gradually raise the temperature to 85-90 deg C.
- Work for 35-40 minutes
- Take out the material followed by cold wash.
- Removal of excess water by using hydro extractor.
- Dyeing under shade.

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Ross Taylor said...

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Unknown said...

Very very good web and pdf

Rahul Guglani said...

Dear sir, thanks for the exhaustive information shared by you. Actually we are facing streakiness problem in silk:wool (42:5) blend dyeing with metal complex dyes. We are not able to get solid dyeing on silk-wool blends. I tried a number of trials by doing a number a things.

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