Monday, 6 August 2012

Sari Weaving Techniques on Handloom

Unnati Silks have uploaded some stunning videos depicting the handloom weaving techniques in Saris. The same came be viewed here.

The following is just one of the videos showing weaving of Kanchipuram Sari.

The following Techniques of Sari Weaving are covered:

1. Kanchipuram
2. Pochampalli
3. Siddipet
4. Gadwal
5. Narayanpet
6. Ellampillai
7. Managalgiri
8. Bannerugatta
9. Dharmavaram
10. Uppada
11. Venkatgiri
12. Maheshwar
13. Rasipuram
14. Kaithoon Kota
15. Chirala
16. Kondalmpatti
17. Arni
18. Varanasi

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to know the various forms of textile! If you could provide more information about the weaving techniques of the listed textiles would be more interesting as well as informative for the readers. Thank you.

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