Sunday, 5 August 2012

Process of Batik

The word batik has been derived from the word "Ambatik" which translates as "Cloth with little dots".

An amazing video has been uploaded by Moda to depict the process of Batik as practiced in South Asian country. The process is painstakingly long and involves several processes of dyeing, applying wax, washing and drying. Briefly the process involves the following stages:

1. First of all the fabric is dyed with base color.

2. Then base color combination is applied on the fabric with the help of sponge.

3. Then the fabric is dried in the sunshine.

4. Soda is sprinkled on the fabric while it is drying to get the salt effect.

5. The fabric is then covered with wax using copper stamps on wooden blocks.

6. Then the first color combination is removed from the fabric by dipping it into a solution.

7. The fabric is then made wet and put onto a flat surface.

8. Second color combination is then prepared and applied on the fabric with the help of a sponge, the fabric is crinkled carefully before this application.

9. Again the fabric is kept for drying and soda is sprinkled on it to get the salt effect.

10. Then it is dried in the sunshine by hanging.

11. The fabric is then dyed in water glass ( A solution of sodium or potassium silicate, it solidifies on exposure to air and is used to make silica gel). Until it is applied the batik colors are water soluble. Water glass fixes all the colors.

12. Then it is washed with water twice.

13. Then it is subjected to boiling to remove the wax that covered the first color combination.

14. Then it is washed with water and dried to get the final finished fabric.

You can watch the video here:

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