Thursday, 15 March 2012

...they learned to spin and spool...Textile Songs

I happen to come across some of the songs written on the theme of textile mills. Sadly, almost all of them show the toil and hard work in a textile mills.

This songs depicts the plight of child workers used to work in the Textile Mills of America. A few lines (Source):

....Those babies all grew up unlearned, they never went to school.
They never learned to read or. write. They learned to spin and spool.
Every time I close my eyes, I see that picture still
When textile work was carried on by babies in the mill.... 

See the complete video here...

The other one, written on the Carolina Mills of Denim, depicts the similar theme of hard work at mills:

I am sure there are more. Looking forward to your suggestions.

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Summer said...

Great videos - I was actually looking for images like these. Thanks so much for your comprehensive and informative posts. You really know your stuff!

ram kumar Kushwaha said...


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