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GK Questions on Apparels

The following Questions are taken from my son's GK book, who is in 8th Standard. Out of twelve questions, I could answer only two. Lets see how many can you answer:

1. A Welsh country town gave its name to a warm long sleeved woollen garment. Name it.

2. Smocking is a popular form of decoration on clothes. What is the name of the stitch in which smocking is worked ?

3. Which item of clothing did James Belcher give his name to in the nineteenth century.

4. What name is given to the thin veil worn by Muslin women in public ?

5. What was the name of the very narrow skirt introduced in 1910 which made it difficult for the wearer to walk?

6. An anorak is a long hooded jacket of skin or cloth. From what language does the word "anorak" come ?

7. Who would wear an Orphrey, Morse and Cope and carry a cozier ?

8. What is the name of the kind of pouch which Scotsmen wear in front of their kilts.

9. What is the name of a loose tunic worn in Arabia, Persia and Malaysia.

10. What were known as Oxford Bags ?

11. On which part of the body is a wimple worn and who would normally be seen wearing it ?

12. One of the British Channel islands gave its name to to a knitted woollen garment. Name it.


1. Cardigan
2. Honeycomb Stitch
3. Scarf
4. Yashmak
5. Hobble Skirt
6. Eskimo
7. Bishop
9. Kabaya
10. Extremely wide bottomed trousers.
11. On the head, a nun
12. Jersey

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