Thursday, 22 September 2011

Motifs of Jodhpur Printing- Phetiya ( Fetia, Phetia)

Phetiya is one of the most popular motifs used in block printing in Jodhpur. There are various variations of Phetiya are available. Some of them are as given below:

1. Panihari Phetiya

In this motif, Indigo and Alizarin are prominent Colors. It is a traditional costume of Sirvi ( Chaudhary) Community in Rajasthan. The word Sirvi means share cropper (A sharecropper is a farmer who doesn't own the lands he farms). Sirvi people speak Marwari. The men wear cotton thread around their waist, called bell or dhaga, having eleven knots. They believe that this dhaga symbolizes their community deity Jagadhamba of Rajasthan.

2. Nanna Phetiya

It comprises of natural colors like Indigo, Alum, Haldi and Alizerin. Availability of good water enhances this kind of block printing. It is a favourite among the women in the Choudhari community who carry these prints in their traditional Ghaghras.

3. Genda Phetiya

The genda print is seen mostly in the traditional dresses of Rabari community. Some natural colors like alum or indigo are used in Dabu technique of printing.

4. Gunda Phetiya

The Gunda Phetiya kind of block prints are vividly seen in the traditional attires of the Mali Jat in Rajasthan. Simple yet unique prints with Shades of alizerin and indigo enhance the simplicity of the fabric.

5. Bavliya or Guddi Phetiya

The Bavliya kind of print is mostly seen in the traditional outfits of the women in the Choudhari ( Godwal)  community of Rajasthan. The prints are made with finely carved blocks using natural Colors.

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