Sunday, 25 September 2011

Buti and Buta Motifs in Jodhpur Textile Printing

1. Sada:  This motif is used by Bishnoi community of Jodhpur.

2. Oul : This motif is worn by Chaudhari Community.

3. Ankuri : This motif is worn by Kalbelia and Jat Community

4. Makhi : This Motif is used by Choudhary community.

5. Gulbuta : This motif is used by Jain and Choudhary community

6. Kapa: This motif is worn by widows of Rabari Community

7. Bhalka: This motif is ued by Gadiya Luhar community.

8. Jali : This motif is used by Gadiya Luhar community

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