Saturday, 21 May 2011

Some Selected Notes on Textiles: Part -5

Flammability Test

This is important for nightwear as they are finer and thinner than regular wear and are more prone to flammability than other fabrics.

In the testing, among other things time required for the flame to travel a certain distance is determined. It is now mandatory to have a flammability test if the fabric GSM is less than 88 grams.

Samples are tested both as submitted and after one cycle of washing and dry cleaning to obviate any instance of flammbility finish that might get washed of after one washing. Also iginition behaviour of the fabric is observed. Normally 5 specimens are tested. If they do not get ignited than 10 specimen are tested.

Butane gas of specified parameter is used. Based on the ignition behaviour, fabric is classified into Class I, class II and Class III. You can learn about the classification here.

You can read some facts about fabric flammability here.

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