Thursday, 11 September 2008

FAQ in cotton spinning-8


Q. What is a comber
Answer: Comber is a machine where short fibres below a certain predetermined length can be easily separated out.

Q. What are the objects of combing
Ans: After combing the fibres are more or less uniform, well straightened or parallelised and free of neps and particles of trash that escaped carding.

Q. What will happen if carded material is presented as such to comber.
Ans: Majority of the fibre hooks in a carded sliver are trailing. Hooks can be straightened out by comber needles provided they are presented in leading position. If the trailing hooks are presented as such, they behave like short fibres and escape into noil.

Q. How we can make majority hooks (trailing) from card sliver to present as leading hooks to comber.
Ans: In order to make the major hooks take the leading position, there should be even passages or even reversals between the card and the comber.

Q. What is lap preparation for comber
Ans: 'Lap preparation' can be taken as a general term which includes all the passages between the card and the comber.

Q. What is backward feed
Ans: On conventional combers the feed usually takes place when the nippers are going backwards. This is known as backward feed.

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