Saturday, 6 September 2008

FAQ in Cotton Spinning-7

Q: What is the object of a speed frame
Ans: The object of a speed frame process is to reduce the sliver bulk to a diameter suitable enough fro the ring spinning frame to spin yarn.

Q : Why twist is required at the speed frame
Answer: Minimum twist is required to see that 1. The roving comes from the front roller nip on to bobbin through the flyer bore without being broken. b. The roving is nicely wound on to the bobbin. 3. that it does not suffer any creel stretch during unwinding in the next machine creel.
4. that the next machine can easily break the twist in the break draft zone.

Q. What is the function of paddle.
Ans: the paddle helps to produce compact and regularly built bobbins.

Q. How come the paddle always keeps pressed against the bobbin.
Answer: The paddle always keeps pressed against the bobbin due to the centrifugal force of the vertical solid bar.

Q. Why the threading slot is in the curved form.
Answer: This helps to prevent air drafts from entering the tube and disturbing the roving inside it. Besides it prevents liberation of fly.

Q: What causes winding of the twisted roving on the bobbin.
Ans: The differential surface speed between presser paddle and bobbin surface are responsible for winding of the twisted roving on the bobbin. Which is caused by differences in the flyer speed and bobbin speed.

Q: Why bobbin speed is reduced as the package diameter increases
Ans: As the diameter grows, bobbin surface speed increases although the revolutions per minute is constant. Therefore, bobbin speed is reduced in order to maintain the constant difference between the speeds of bobbin surface and paddle.

Q: What is 'flyer leading' and 'bobbin leading' case. Which is used in existing Speed frames.
Answer: S/F in which the flyer speed is higher than the bobbin surface speed is called 'flyer leading'. S/F in which the bobbin speed is higher than the flyer speed is called 'bobbin leading'. 'Bobbin Leading' case is used in existing S/F.

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