Monday, 4 April 2016

Print Categories

The following are the categories of prints:

Toile Prints

1. Engraved scenic designs.
2. Printed in one color
3. Always printed on white or off white background.
4. Layouts are predominantly all-over and stripes.

Liberty Prints

1. Found in small to medium sized prints.
2. Dominantly floral motifs
3. Stripes, tossed or all-over

Geometric Prints

1. Made with circles, squares, triangles, spirals and stars.

Botanical Prints

Botanical motifs

Dot Prints

Art Nouveau Prints

Floral Prints

Scenic or Landscape Print

Motif Print

1. Motifs are simply repeated
2. Have a graphic and illustrative look

Animal Print

1. Mimic animal skins

Nautical Prints

Folklore Design

Patchwork Prints

Script Print

Oriental Print

- Inspiration from Asian countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia

Conversational Print

- People, birds and animals
- These prints convey and communicate

Victorian Prints

- Elaborate and ornamental
- motifs inspired from nature.
- forms such as pomegranate, stylized leaves,
- Greek mythology
- Roses

Pucci Prints

- psychedelic and abstract in multicolors
- along with geometric shapes there are swirls, circles and organic shapes

Country Inspired Prints

Graphic Prints

- Minimalist
- Bold colors
- Not very intricate
- Simple Motifs
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