Sunday 27 March 2016

What are Dhalapathar Sarees

Dhalapathar sarees are woven in the Dhalapathar in Khurda district of Orissa. These are woven by Rangani community in the village.

Dhalapathar Saree

These are also known as Kusumi Kapta, Kankana Pedi, Muktapunji, Nahati and Akata.

The yarn is cotton and they are woven in 20s to 2/120s count. Sizing is done only when 20s or 26s yarn in used. With mercerised yarn, no sizing is required. It is woven in fly shuttle pit looms. Ground weave is plain. Cotton healds are used for each warp.

Figuring is done with extra warp. For that flat rectangular wooden pieces called "Chiaris" are used. However now frame looms and Jalas are also used. The designing is done using weft rib of either 4 up 1 down or 6 up one down.

The dyeing is done using synthetic dyes.

For more details please refer to this source. and this one.

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