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Word Origins of Some Textile Terms


Cotton originated in Arbic qutn, the name for cotton plant.


Word silk originated in Chinese si. Greek called Silk traders Seres, "silk people". This is the origin of the words like Sericulture and Serge. 

However, the 'l' rather than an 'r' came through Russian Shelk.


The word comes from old Germanic "lin" meaning "Flax"which is an origin of the words such as linseed.

It has contributed to other words such as Lingerie, crinoline, linoleum and lint. 


It came from Indo-European "wlna". the word flannel is related to it.

Source: Bloomsbury Dictionary of Word Origins by John Ayto.


Spin comes from Indo-European Base "spen" which means to stretch. The logic seems to make sense as spinning essentially involves stretching or drafting of a strand of fibers.

The words span, spinster, spider, spill and spindle are related to it.


The origin is from Germanic "Weben"- to weave. This is the source of the words wafter, wasp, web and weft. 


The source of this word remain unknown.


The origin comes from Latin "premere" meant press. The words impression are related to it.


The origin comes from Germanic base "blaik-"means to whiten. The words blight and blink are related to it.


Latin texere means to "weave" which came from Indo European base "tek-" to make. It is the origin of the words text, context, pretext, subtle, texture, tissue and toilet, technical and architect.


The history of the word cloth is Germanic "kleid"- means garment.


The word fabric is related to carpenter. The origin is the word "Faber" which means a carpenter. Other related words are fabricate and forge.


It has the same source as apparatus, which came from apparare "make ready". The other related words are parent and prepare.


The root came from prehistoric German "garn" which is originated from Greek "Khorde"- sting. The other related words are chord and cord. 


The word came from Latin factio "make" or "do". The words related to it are difficult, fact, faction and factory. 

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