Saturday, 3 January 2015

What is Salma, Sitara, Mukaish, Badla, Gijai, Dabka and More

All these are the elements which are used in Zardozi Embroidery.

The basic element is the plain metal wire.

The plain wire is called badla, prepared from a flattened wire which is laid on surface of the fabric, and when wound round a thread, it is called kasab

Smaller spangles with hole in centre are called sitara, and tiny dots made of badla are called mukaish

Sequins or Sitara
Tilla is the flat wire which cannot be threaded and is stitched directly on to the material. 

Salma is very fine, soft unflattened wire wound spirally without a thread in the centre. 

Dabka is a light weight coiled wire which is soft, flexible, and light both in weight and colour. 

A heavier form of dabka known as kora

Nakshi is a flat metal wire coiled in angular way similar to dabka except that it is thicker. 

A round zari with a hole in the centre is called is called chakri

Gijai is circular thin stiff wire. 

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