Sunday, 31 August 2014

What are BSY Yarns

BSY or bishrinkage yarns are increasingly used in the Burkha fabrics. 

These yarns are a combination of two yarns of different shrinkages combined to create one composite yarn.During processing, Due to differential shrinkage, the high-shrink component shrinks and the low-shrink component comes out of the fabric as micro-loops, giving the fabric excellent texture and handle.This provides the product with a very nice "textured" effect, "peach skin" effect, "brushed" effect or "terry loop" effect, depending on the fabric construction, and the component yarn characteristics, used. 

These are increasingly being used in Burkha fabric with warp of 80/48 BSY S and Z 1900 TPM and weft of 80/48 BSY S & Z with 1900 TPM with weightly of 12.5, 14 or 17 Kgs.

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