Friday, 25 January 2013

Factors to Consider While Buying Indian Traditional Fabrics- Fabric Width

Effect of Width
Width affects consumption. This is very important in case of ethnic fabrics as most of them come at a width which is either lower or higher than the one contracted. As the fabric is dyed using local methods and dried in the air, it is impossible to control width or variations of widths over length. We’ll take some cases of the fabric.

When working with block prints on cotton, the fabric is usually mill and often powerloom. It is prepared locally at the printer’s for printing. Sometimes width contraction happens to full 10 inches. This happens specially in case of voile with lower constructions (92 x 80). It is useful to calculate the consumption under various width and issue out the fabrics based on that.

Width problem also occur in prints on powerloom cambric, mull or Mangalgiri. Due to different shrinkage treatment at the processing stage after weaving, sometimes after washing width reduces to an unequal amount.

Greige fabric, if dyed in dark colors is subject to full mercerization, shrinks the fabric widthwise, sometimes to a considerable extent.

Weft Ikat has a special problem with regard to width, the cuttable width is about 2 inches less than the actual width. Because of problems with tyeing the weft yarn, the actual Ikat motif start one inches inside the actual width.

The best way to control is to take the min. width of the whole lot and work out consumption based on that width. Or different thaans can be issued out at different consumptions.

Lots of pintucks are woven widthwise, which means that stripes come in the weftwise direction. To make them suitable for mens or women's garments bigger widths are chosen on loom. Similarly in heavy silk fabrics, bigger widths are chosen as the stripes run in the weft. 

Woollen shawls and stole present a particular problem as the best of the stripes come in weftwise direction. 

Width poses no problems when working with silks or woolens.

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