Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Comparing Silk Fabrics from China and India

The following are the major differences between Silk Fabrics made from China and India.

1.    The raw silk produced by Chinese producers is qualitatively better because they employ dried cocoon reeling method as compared to the Indian silk producers who employ fresh cocoon reeling method to obtain raw silk.

2.   Majority of Indian silkworms are multi-voltine variety, whereas Chinese silkworms are of the bi-voltine variety, which has high productivity of cocoon per acre, and the cocoon has higher silk output per kg, and the silk has higher tensile strength on the loom.

3.    The machinery used by the Indian producers are obsolete, simple and inefficient which is the primary cause for the higher per unit value of Indian silk as compared to Chinese silk.

4.    The twisting machines used  by Indian producers to produce silk yarn can reach 800 twists per minute at the most. However, the twisting machines used by Chinese producers are advanced and can reach a number of twists of more than 2600 twists per minute the resultant product being of high quality.

China and India together account  for more than 90% of the total production of the 20-100 grams of silk fabric variety in the world; China producing approximately 78% and India approximately 15% being the two major producers of silk in the world.

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Nice Information. But how to identify whether the silk is from India or China?

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