Saturday, 15 October 2011

Motifs in Patola Saris


Kesar Chandan Design

Chhabdi Bhaat

Chanda Bhaat

Naari Kunjar Design

Five Phool Bhat

Three Phool Bhat

Sarvariya Bhat

Vora Gaji

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LSM Silk Mills said...

Nice collection And very impressive design.

motidana said...


As a textile enthusiast and a teacher for textiles , I have been following your blog and love reading your posts .
And like always I liked this post too . Having studied the different motifs in patolas , I wanted to add that there is one more popular pattern that also a traditional design . It is called Paan bhat ( leaf ) where the predominant motif is the leaf . These sarees are called as the Paan Patola in Gujarati.


Tekstilni kanali Prihoda Croatia said...

I enjoyed reading your article... Thanks

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