Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bamboo Fiber- I

Bamboo is a regenerated cellulosic fiber. There are three types of bamboo fibers:

1. Pure Bamboo
2. Bamboo Charcoal
3. Bamboo Viscose

1. Pure Bamboo

Pure bamboo is produced by physical and mechanical process like linen and hemp. It has high strength and is environment friendly. However it suffers from poor spinnability properties and high cost.

2. Bamboo Charcoal- An application of Nano Technology

In making this fiber, the bamboo is dried and heated at 800 deg. C until it becomes bamboo charcoal. Then the charcoal is sent for further processing to turn it to nano particles. These ultra fine bamboo particles are then embedded into viscose or polyester fiber. The fiber is then drawn into yarn and processed as usual.

Generally nano-bamboo charcoal powder is added during the process of spinning solution.Thus polyester, nylon and viscose fibers can be manufactured embedded with bamboo charcoal fiber.

This fiber has strong adsorption capacity.  It can adsorb bad odor and chemicals. It shows an excellent anti-pilling tendency and the material washes well. It has strong anti-microbial properties. In an actual test of a pair of socks, after wearing without washing for a week, the socks not only have no odor, they were also dry. The disadvantage with this fiber is that it is only available in grey and black colors.

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