Friday, 22 April 2011

Master Weaver in India

Master weaver is generally termed as a super artisan in a particular textile craft. In handloom terminology of India, however, a master weaver is an entrepreneur who produces cloth by employing wage labour. He either directly sells to the the traders or sell it in the market.

There are basically two types systems employed by the master weaver. In one system, the weaver works at his home with his family. The raw material is supplied by the master weaver. Generally the waver works on a piece rate system. The good point of this method is the fact that whole family helps in the weaving process.

In the Karkhana system, the weaver works on the looms provided by the master weaver under one roof. Generally the weaver works on a time rate system.

This system has emerged as a dominant system in handlooms in India.

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