Tuesday, 11 January 2011

All About Ajrak Process

This (http://www.ajrakhprinting.co.in) is an amazing website giving in amazing details the process of Ajrak Printing. Owned by Ranamal Khatri, the master craftman, this website can be used as an authentic one to study the process.I met Mr. Ranamal Khatri during my visit to Jodhpur. This site will give you a glimpse of the joy of watching Ajrak Made. This gives in details the process, the receipe, the comparison with the earlier process and a mouth-watering view of the products. To top it all, he has put in the process video wherein one can have a look at the process in action. And last but not the least, a look at the artisans working in his workshop and who have made it possible is given. Here are some pictures from the website:


Video of the Process

Ajrak Saris


Awards won by Him 
There is a very good M.Des. Research done by B. Sinduja. You can access it here

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piyush agrawal said...

It was excellent and very informative.
Ajrakh Sarees

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