Friday, 21 May 2010

Rising Prices of Denim in India

Denim Prices

1. Denim Makers have raised prices by 10-15% since beg of April

2. Most of them use cotton of fiber length of 12mm to 24 mm.

3. Raw material accounts for 50% of their input cost.

4. The price of SSC Kalyan V-797 have surged by nearly 25% to a level of 21000 per Candy from Rs. 17000 per candy.

5. Denim Prices have increased to 93-95 per meter from 84-86 Rs. per meter depending upon the quality. Also the prices have increased from 90-100 Rs. per meter to 110-115 Rs. per meter.

6. Margin is higher for those denim fabric manufacturers who buy cotton yarn instead of producing themselves.

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