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Traditional Dabu Printing of India- Part 3

If Teal color needs to be obtained. Then indigo dyed fabric is first dipped into myrobalan solution and then treated with water of Iron. (Teal Background)

If Green color is desired then indigo dyed fabric is first treated with solution of Haldi and then treated with Alum. Please remember to dry in the night or dry upside down to get a green color.

To Get Red and Black as Motif, Green as background- Block 52 and 52A
a. The Fabric is first Dipped in Myrobalan

b. Then it is Printed With Red Process( Alum Paste) as explained earlier

c. Then it is Printed With Black Process (Iron Paste)

d. Then it is Washed and Boiled with Alizarin ( To get red on 1st Block)

e. Then it is Dyed in Indigo

f. Then it is Dipped in conc. solution of Pomegranate Chilka + Haldi ( For Green Back ground)( Green Process)

If the color is dark indigo is added

Remember if the indigo is not properly mixed then it will smear on the block color.

To Get a Brown Color in the Background

There are two methods
1.       In one method after the green process, the fabric is dipped in alum and then boiled in Alizarin ( Green +Redà Brown). The motif being resisted by Dabu.

2.       In other method the indigo dyed fabric is dipped in alum and then boiled in Alizarin ( Blue + Red-à Brown).

The two tones of brown are  different.

Green Motif (with Dabu)

To get Green Motif, in white process, some Haldi is added in the paste ( Means: kaali Mitti, Gum, Jaggery, Hydrate of Lime, Haldi)

Black Background with Hira Kashish ( Ferrous Sulphate – Hara thotha)

1.     Fabric is treated with Myrobalan and Dabu Done
2.     Hira Kashish is then mixed with water.
3.     The fabric will then turn to brown except dabu
4.       Then it is put to Alizarin boiling process it will turn to black
5.       Then it is washed properly.
To get a darker color, the fabric is again dipped in myrobalan after finishing. For example to get a darker brown fabric is dipped in Myrobalan.

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