Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Ringframe Productivity

Cotton Yarn prices are sky-rocketing, thanks to the failure of crops in China and India and rising export demands in developing countries. It is but obvious, that the companies dealing in yarn are making or expected to make huge profits in the coming quarter. The profitability is going to be even more for the composite textile mills where value addition is more. All this is leading to rise in the stock prices of Textile Companies in India and I am sure everywhere else in the world. I am bombarded from friends dealing in share market with requests of how to calculate various indicators to judge the operating efficiency of a spinning organization. One of the question being how to calculate the production per spindle in a ring frame.

Kilogram per spindle depends upon the count, spindle speed, efficiency of ring frame and twist per inch. In general, higher the count, lower the kilograms per spindle. Similarly higher the twist per inch, lower the kilograms per spindle. Ring frame efficiency varies from 90-93%, it decreases as the count increases with about 91% for 20s and 93% for 40s count. A formula for calculating the kg per spindle is given in the second link below.

As a rule of thumb, a mill with an average 70s count will be giving .200 kg per spindle per day, a mill with 35s count will give approx double, that is .400 gms per day. Similarly production in Kg per day for other counts can be calculated.


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