Friday, 7 August 2009

Care of Linen Fabrics

Care of Linen Garments

1. Washing

Washing is recommended. One can use hand or machine washing but take care of the following points

- Use a gentle wash cycle and use a gentle soap.
- Use cool to warm, not hot water.
- Wash colored linens in cool water.
- Use soft water
- Use oxygen bleaches ( hydrogen peroxide) for white linen. Chlorine bleaches can cause yellowing.
- Never wash darker-colored pieces together with the lighter colored articles.

2. Drying

Can use any of the drying methods, but bring linen in while it is still damp. If linen dries thoroughly, it may become brittle. Damp Linen also helps in ironing. If a linen has become thoroughly dried, put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator before ironing.

3. Ironing

Iron with lot of steam at a medium to hot setting. Iron Linen until smooth but not dry. Once wrinkles are gone, hang the linen items until it is bone dry.


Clean linen items before storing .

-Avoid folding linen garments. Linen clothing should be hung on a padded clothes hanger in a cool dry environment.

- If you decide to warp the linen, use bags of linen, cotton or muslin, never plastic bags.  

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