Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Degree of polymerisation of some fibres

Fibers and DP ( Degrees of Polymerisation)

Nylon 6 -120
Nylon 6,6-200
Polyester (PET)- 100
Polyacrylonitrile > 2000
Viscose Rayon- 150-350
Polynosic- 700-1100
Cotton- 4000-10,000
Wool- 60,000-100,000


Sazid Rahman said...

hello sir... how r u? remember me? i'm sazid from bangladesh... i wrote u a mail a month back :)

just a small thing that's nagging me about this post is.... as of my knowledge HWM rayon and polynosic are the two synonyms for modified rayons and Modal being their trade name. here u have mentioned them to be fibers with different DP. can u pls explain?

and just a small correction that i thought i should suggest u is about the title of the post... u have named it to be 'DP of some natural fibres' but u mentioned natural, regenerated and synthetic fibers in it.

p.s.: i'm very proud to be the first follower of your blog and inspired by you i've also started blogging. pls pay a visit at http://sazidrahman.blogspot.com and give your opinion.

Priyank said...

Hi Sazid.

Thanks for your response.

I have edited appropriately.

Thanks again.

Keep writing

Sazid Rahman said...

pleasures are all mine sir. i'll try my best.

Happy New Year :)

Hameedullah Ansari said...

Author please clarify my confusion. I have read the degree of polymerization of cotton to about 5000 in the book "Textile Science" by EPG Gohl and yet another site(http://www.barnhardtcotton.net/technology/cotton-properties/) gives a reading of 9000- 15,000 and you have mentioned 4000-10,000?
I am confused as to which is correct? Please help. Thanks

Priyank Goyal said...

Hi Hamidulallah,

I am referring you to a link from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, which also state the DP as 5000


Bibekananda Das said...

Any one know the dp of silk?

sabuj tex said...

Any one inform me the dp of jute fiber??
Thanks in advance

sabuj tex said...

Brother can you inform me the dp of jute fibrr

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