Friday, 27 June 2008

Indian Textile Industry

This presentation, on Indian Textile Industry, deals with market overview, government regulations and policy and business opportunities in India. It talks about some interesting facts such as:

1. Panipat produces 75% of all blankets produced in India
2. Tirupur contributes 80% of the country's hosiery exports.
3. Ludhiana makes 95% of total woollen knitwear produced.
4. 80% of total textiles is produced in clusters( 70 in number)

It also talks about Indian rank in raw material production: Jute--> 1st, Silk--> second, cotton--> third, synthetics--> fifth and wool--> eleventh.

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Deep said...

You have a nice blog on the Textile Industry.. The posts are well presented.. Keep it up

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